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Find Zen

Whether it’s a long day at work, a busy day at home, or a personal problem, stress is part of being human. It's important to have some outlet to handle it and for me -- its crafting. Usually knitting or crochet because it's portable! (I am posting this as I am about to take the red eye back from LA!). I try to knit whenever I can; on-set between stories, after work, on the weekends, or while I travel. Tonight I know I'll be stitching away when sleep eludes me!

But here's the cool thing: When you're working on a project, it frees your mind to strategize or plan or simply dream. Even better, research has found the repetitive motion of knit and crochet is healthful. Lowered blood pressure and reduced heart rates have been reported in research so bottom line: It's good for you!

Intrigued??? Click HERE for some easy instructions to get you started with either knitting or crochet. Any yarn will work but of course I am partial to the yarn with MY fave on it!! Check it out HERE-- You'll find everything you need to get started.

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