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Deborah Norville Yarn Collection

I grew up surrounded by yarn.  My hometown of Dalton, Georgia is the birthplace of the wall-to-wall carpet industry and my daddy was in the business.  But while I grew up around yarn, I never imagined I'd have my own line of knit and crochet yarn.  The Deborah Norville Collection launched in 2008 with four different yarns and today we've grown by leaps and bounds.  ALL of my yarns are affordable and each has something special about them.  My Everyday Yarn is Anti-Pilling, meaning it resists those annoying little fuzz balls other yarns can make.  My sock yarn has just enough bamboo and wools to make them comfy yet hold their shape -- bamboo is naturally anti-microbial too.  Alpaca Dance really does have alpaca fiber in it while my Wool Naturals are just what you'd expect:  100% natural wool.  Basically, we take the sheep, give it a shampoo and a hair cut and make for YOU one of the most affordable wool yarns on the market.    So click through to the manufacturers website for the COMPLETE Deborah Norville Collection of yarns.

   Happy Stitching!

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