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Knitting Basics

Knitting 101- Easy Cast On

Watch and learn how to cast on -- the EASY way! It may be unorthodox, but I'll have you knitting in just minutes!

Knitting 101- Purl Stitch

The other stitch is called "purl" - think 'pearl' like in the ocean. Learn it here!

My Needle and Hook Collection 

What's wonderful yarn without fabulous hooks and needles? Check out this video as I share with you all the wonderful details about my wooden needle collection.

Knitting 101- Knit Stitch

Knitting is simply TWO stitches. One of them is the 'knit' stitch - learn it here!

Gifts from the Heart

Just some of the gifts you can make on a budget

Knitting Daily: How to Knit

Had a blast with Eunny Jang on her Knitting Daily show talking about why I love knit and crochet and showing off some one skein wonders.

Where Creativity Knocks

Fun tv interview shot in our Premier Yarns book at CHA - the Craft Hobby Show.

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