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How to Make an Ottoman

I'm currently putting together my new library, and I decided to build an ottoman for it! Find out how to build your own here!

How to Rebloom Orchids

I figured out how to rebloom my orchids... Here's how!

Deb's Jobs

Fighter Pilot

After 9/11, combat air patrols flew over the skies of New York City. Join me in the cockpit as I hit the skies with the NJ Air National Guard in an F15 fighter jet!

Peanut Seller

This job had me selling peanuts at the Phillies game. I can neither throw nor make change - it was sort of a disaster!

Rock Star

This all started when we heard big singer's make voice tracks. The REAL talent are the engineers - Watch & listen as they make ME a star (hardest part was writing the song!)

Toll Taker

Thousands pass through NY/NJ's Lincoln Tunnel every day. On THIS day, I was the one taking their toll money!!


The pace is insane at a restaurant and when they run out of clean plates, it's a problem.  Having ME as dishwasher was a BIG problem!

Nanny for TEN!

That's not a typo - I worked as a nanny for a family with ten kids. Best form of birth control ever - though the kids were darling!

Fruit Picker

My back ached, I cut my hands, and I began to loathe kumquats as I worked picking fruit in California.

Flight Attendant

What was scheduled as a book interview about BACK ON TRACK ended as a TV appearance for my newborn daughter Mikaela! 


When famed photographer Victor Skrebneski celebrated 50 years in the business, he said he'd talk to me about it IF I'd let him take my picture. What a dream to be his subject!


I have been making my own clothes since I was nine... Turns out I can design them too!

Short Order Cook

I have a greater appreciation for the cooks that prepare my meals - working as a short order cook is hot and stressful.

As Seen On...

How I Lost 30 Pounds!
Good Morning America

I appeared on Good Morning America to discuss how I lost 30 pounds... Here's how.

Deb does IE from the Maternity Ward

When my daughter made an early entrance into the world, the boss said I had to do the show from the hospital. Fool I am, I said "OK!"

How I Lost 30 Pounds! Rachael Ray

I appeared on Rachael Ray to discuss how I lost 30 pounds... Here's how.

Deborah Norville: My First Big Break

I have been blessed to have people give me a chance when they had no real reason to. Find out why I owe SO much to President Carter!

The Talk

I appeared on The Talk to lead the show’s “Top Talker” segment where the ladies of The Talk discussed relationship advice. 

Dr. Oz 

Always so much fun to be on Dr. Oz! He has the most interesting topics on his show -- give a listen!

Inside Edition: On Jeopardy!

See if YOU know the answers to these questions! Inside Edition was an entire category on the famed TV show, Jeopardy! Thanks Alex!

Deborah Norville: Rachael Ray Show
I chatted with Rachael about everything from my craziest on-air moment to my Chicken Soup for the Soul book, "Think Possible!"
Deb talks Thank You Power

Curious about how gratitude can be a tool for you? My book Thank You Power has helped thousands around the world. Here's a snippet.

Talking Respect with Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford

You never know what will happen when you are on with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I had a blast with them promoting Power of Respect.

Deb on Respect with Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity had me on his Fox show when Power of Respect came out -- and used the Administration's coarse language to jump start the chat.

Deb Talks Respect on Good Day New York

It's always a blast to be on Good Day New York, and this was no exception!

Deb at UGA

Here's a sneak peak of my visit to my alma mater with Inside Edition!

Deb with Regis & KLG

What was scheduled as a book interview about BACK ON TRACK ended as a TV appearance for my newborn daughter Mikaela! 

Deborah Norville: The Power of Self-Respect

Some times the most important respect is that which you have for yourself.

Deborah Norville: Chicken Soup for the Soul

A chat about my contribution to the inspirational book "Think Positive."

Deb talks Respect on Today

Power of Respect turned out to be VERY timely when I appeared on Today with Meredith Vieira.

Elevate: Invest in Women
I learned so much sharing the stage with these amazingly resilient women.
Deb on The Talk - Part 1

It was so good to chat with the ladies on The Talk. Check out my appearance here!

Deb on The Talk - Part 2

It was so good to chat with the ladies on The Talk. Check out my appearance here!

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