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Everyone has times in their life when they don’t try for something they could have.  You didn’t chat up the cute girl across the room.  You didn’t put yourself in the running for a promotion.  You let the naysayers convince you your idea was a bad one.  You didn’t visit that friend who was ailing.   And now – it’s too late. 

            How much better would life be if lived with possibility?  This book is filled with the stories of people who didn’t heed the negative voice in their heads, who proved the experts wrong, who dug deep and celebrated victories – some monumental, some small – because of it.



I am delighted to serve as co-author with Amy Newmark of this wonderfully uplifting book.  We sifted through hundreds of stories of possibility to come up with 101 vignettes that are sure to help YOU find the encouragement you need to make your goals come true!


And -- guess what?  There's science to back it up.  In the book, I'll share the research that found when individuals believe they can do something, it actually starts a process that makes you more likely to reach your goal.  Your mind is better able to ignore the detractors that might derail your plans.  And  - when we hear the stories of others who persevere and win, we are encouraged to do the same.


Looking to become whatever it is YOU see when you gaze into the mirror?  Think Possible will help!  


Happy reading ...

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