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How to Rebloom Phalaenopsis Orchids in Your Window

I love orchids. They are great gifts to give or get -- and I've become pretty good at getting Phalaenopsis Orchids to rebloom! Here's how:

How to Rebloom Phalaenopsis Orchids in Your Window:

1. Remember the iconic Marilyn Monroe photo where her skirt blows up? Well, orchids like a breeze from below too! The windows at Inside Edition are perfect for reblooming, thanks to the air vents below the plants.

2. Orchids generally don't like direct sun. These south-facing windows are polarized so the plants aren't getting burned.

3. Water orchids once a week, allowing them to drain thoroughly. I just put 'em in a sink and let the water drain out. Don't fall for the 3 ice cube trick. Would you like to be subjected to ice cold water?!

4. Clip spent blossoms on the stem just above a node that looks like it might have potential to sprout a stem. You may get lucky!

5. Alternatively, new stems can form from the base like this one. I normally repot the orchid to cover the tendrils. Just use tree bark if you need more "soil" material. Plant stores will have it.

6. Train a new stem using plant clips and a curved wire.

Enjoy! They may not look quite as good as new ones at the the florist, but you'll save a bundle -and- feel incredibly satisfied!

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