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Back on Track: How To Straighten Out Your Life When It Throws You A Curve 
I wrote this book because I learned so much in the process of rebuilding myself and my career after my Today Show days that I felt I ought to share it with others.  Back on Track is really a ‘recipe’ book – only the only thing we make is a stronger, more resilient YOU.

About Back on Track:

For Emmy Award-winning journalist Deborah Norville, currently anchor of the top-rated Inside Edition, television has been the stage for many of her successes. She was only nineteen when she conducted a live interview with the president of the United States.


Yet television provided the devastatingly public theater for Norville's professional crisis as well. The one-time host of the Today show first arrived at NBC in 1987 and later found herself in the midst of a struggle to defend her credibility when Jane Pauley left the morning broadcast. The pressure became unbearable for Norville, who left the show during her maternity leave in 1991. Many people--including Norville herself--predicted she would never return to television.


The crisis left Norville unemployed after the birth of her child and paralyzed by depression. She found herself in need of a career--and lacking the energy and spirit to find one. Like many, Norville was sidetracked--and nearly derailed--by a crisis in life, only hers had been on television for all the world to witness.


Since then Norville has climbed her way out of her professional abyss and she believes the secret to changing the course of her own life applies to anyone in crisis. In Back on Track, she recounts her own story with profiles of other women in crisis: among them, survivors of breast cancer, financial ruin, and those who've lost loved ones.


Based on her own success with reconstructing her life at its nadir, Norville offers, with warmth and wit, a clear practical ten-point plan for enduring crises and getting one's life Back on Track.

Thanks for your interest in Back on Track.  The book is 'officially' out of print, but I printed copies that I can make available to you.

The book is $15.00 including postage.  If you would like to buy one (or more), email me below and let me know.  I'll get you all the details and get the book off to you ASAP.

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